Freedom is not free. It has to be won, and once acquired, guarded well.

Thankfully, modern technology has made this noble task somewhat easy! Our fingertips dancing on a computer keyboard can in a way contribute to the protection of freedom. Our unhindered ability to express what we think and how we feel is the cornerstone of any society that aims to be stable and prosperous.

Unfortunately, sometimes gaining and protecting freedom requires more than just words; sometimes freedom has to be wrenched from and protected against forces of tyranny. That is when a guardian of freedom may need to rest their fingertip on the trigger of a firearm, while fully realising that at times freedom may be won or protected only by paying a great personal cost. Their sacrifices are hereby recognised.

Much of this blog will be about my thoughts on freedom in its various guises – spiritual and intellectual; political and economic. It will also look at the perennial question of the conflict of freedoms – rights vs. responsibilities.

Thank you for dropping by. Please feel free to join in the debates, and become, yourself, freedom’s fingertip guardian!

– Tim

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